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Powell River Kayak & Canoe Regatta
Saturday April 27, 2024

Registration for the 2024 Regatta

Registration Is Now Open

Race Categories


There are Nine Race Categories and one Recreational class, as follows

  • Men's 18 - 34 Single Kayak

  • Women's 18 - 34 Single Kayak

  • Men's 35 - 54 Single Kayak

  • Women's 35 - 54 Single Kayak

  • Men's 55 plus Years Single Kayak

  • Women's 55 plus Years Single Kayak

  • Racing Kayak - 18 Years plus, men or women (any single kayak longer than 18 feet or weighing less than 40 pounds) and any canoe or double kayak which weighs less than 3 pounds per linear foot plus 6 pounds or which was not manufactured for general recreational use.

  • SUP - 18 Years plus, men or women

  • Recreational Double Kayak or Canoe - 18 years plus, men and/or women (if canoe or double kayak weighs less than 3 pounds per linear foot plus 6 pounds, enter Racing Category.

  • Recreation Class - Open to all paddled boats, over 18 years, men and/or women (Teenagers 15 - 17 may partner with parent or legal guardian in the boat.) No Prize money

Note: If you're paddling a single canoe, please enter in the "single kayak" category for your age group

Also Note: If there are less than three entrants in any Category, Race organizers reserve the right to combine with another Category.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees are paid when you register. Entry Fees are non-refundable except if the event is postponed by Race Organizers due to severe weather or extraordinary river conditions.

Entry Fees are $35 for all events except the Double Kayak & Canoe Event which is $55 per boat.

Pre-Registration will close at Midnight on Wednesday April 24, 2024. Latecomer entries on Race day shall be $40 per single boat ($60 for double) and shall be limited to the "Recreational" category for which prize money is not awarded. 

All Race & Recreational participants will receive a Powell River Regatta T-Shirt

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