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Powell River Access Locations

RM 112R  Fugate Ford (Public)

RM 104L  Mulberry Creek (Public)

RM 99R  Buchanan Ford (Public)

RM 95R  Brooks Bridge (Public)

RM 92L  Well Being Retreat Center (Private) (Well Being's website)

RM 84L Lock Lane (Public)

RM 80R Riverside Rentals (Private) (Riverside Rentals website)

RM 79R Riverside Baptist Church (Public) (Not open on Sundays or during church events)

RM 73R  Mountain Pass Campground (Private) (Mountain Pass Campground website)

RM 72R  Heavy's Barbeque (Private) (Heavy's Barbeque website)

RM 70R  Powell River Preserve (Public)

RM66L  Shelly Belle's Kayak & Tube Rentals (Private) (Shelly Belles' Facebook Page)

RM 65R  Highway 25E Bridge (Public)

RM 54R  Gap Creek (Public)

RM 52L  Lonesome Valley Road (Public)

RM 50R  Earl's Hollow (Public)

RM 42L Bunch Hollow (Public)

RM 30L  Old Leadmine Bend Road (Public) 

RM 30R  Union County Boat Dock (Public)

RM 0  Anderson County Park (Public)

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