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84 Left - Williams Landing at Lock Lane

Photo of Powell River Access at Lock Lane

Steep Slope down to Powell River

at Lock Lane Access

Williams Landing - Parking Area B.JPG

Parking Area at Williams Landing (Lock Ln)

River Mile: 84 Left

Latitude & Longitude: 36.51750, -83.49580

Parking: Public Parking on East side of Lock Lane,

Entrance marked by kiosk. 

Quality of Road Access:

Steep, one-lane gravel road. Accessible by high clearance vehicles. Boat trailers are not recommended on Lock Lane unless you are very good at backing them up.

Trailer Turnaround: in parking area

Quality of River Access: Fairly steep public ford to river. Hand carry boats to river. Do not try to drive down the ramp.

Ownership: Public 

Amenities: None

Overnight Camping: No

Bathrooms: No

Potable Water: No

Electricity: No

Groceries: No

Driving Directions: From Highway 25E in Tazewell, take Cedar Fork Road for 5.8 miles; turn left onto Cedar Grove Road for 0.4 miles, take first left onto Lock Lane for about 1/4 mile - just past the first cabin on the river. 

Road Map to Lock Lane Access onto Powell River in Tennessee

Nearest Upstream Public Access:

95R Brooks Bridge - 11 miles upstream

Nearest Downstream Public Access

70R Powell River Preserve, 14 miles downstream

Nearest Private Downstream Take-out:

80L Riverside Rentals, 4 miles

Location of Lock Lane Access to the Powell River in Tennessee
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