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42 Left - Bunch Hollow

Photo of gradual sloping access to Powell River at Bunch Hollow

Gradual sloping bank to Powell River at Bunch Hollow - looking downstream at low water

Photo of the parking area at Bunch Hollow access to the Powell River in Tennessee

Adequate parking at Bunch Hollow - 

Bunch Hollow Campground beyond

River Mile: 42 Left

Ownership: Public

Latitude & Longitude: 36.45218, -83.76128

Quality of Road Access: Good. Follow the signs for Bunch Hollow RV Campground. When you get to the campground itself, stay to the left, follow the boat launch signs and turn left onto the point of land where the creek comes into the the river. This is public land and you have the right to park here during daylight hours. (Note that the campground itself is private - do not park there.)

Trailer Turnaround: Sufficient

Quality of River Access:  Sandy sloping bank down to river. River is slack here so you can put in and then paddle back to this same access. The river here is affected by the managed reservoir levels in Norris Lake: high in Summer and generally low in Winter.

Amenities: None

Overnight Camping: No. Bunch Hollow Campground is not available for overnight stays - only for longer lease periods.

Driving Directions: From New Tazewell, head south on Hwy 33 towards Maynardville for about 7 miles, then bear right onto Chumley Road for 2.6 miles, then slight right onto Goin Road for 0.7 miles, continue straight onto Bunch Hollow Road for 2.1 miles, stay left as you enter Bunch Hollow Campground, public river access is to the far left.

Road Map to Bunch Hollow Access onto Powell River in Tennessee

Nearest Upstream Public Access:

50R Earl's Hollow- 8 miles upstream

Nearest Upstream Public Access on the Hwy 33 side of the river: 52L Lonesome Valley Road - 10 miles upstream

Nearest Downstream Public Access:on the Route 33 side of the river: 30L Old Leadmine Bend Rd, 12 miles downstream

Location of Bunch Hollow access to the Powell River in Tennessee
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