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Powell River Flows

The Powell River flows year round. However, as an free-flowing river, flows are entirely dependent on the upstream precipitation and ground moisture conditions. Generally, the Powell River is a Class 1 river with long flowing segments, intermittent rapids, and a few ledges (at extreme low water). There are two U.S.G.S flow gauges on the Powell that give flow reading every 15 minutes


River fluctuations in Jonesville will generally be seen in the Tennessee segments of the Powell River 18 – 30 hours later. The gauging station at Arthur gives a pretty good idea of current flow in the Tennessee portion of the Powell. The Powell enters the slack waters of Norris Lake between RM 35 and 55 depending on the elevation of Norris Lake, which is typically lowered during winter months.

Jonesville. VA Gauge

USGS Gauge at Jonesville, VirginiaHere’s the Link.

Arthur, TN Gauge

USGS Gauge at Arthur, Tennessee (River Mile 64)Here’s the Link.

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