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99 Right - Buchanan Ford

Photo of Powell River Access at Buchanan Ford

Buchanan Ford on Yeary Road

Looking Upstream

Photo of Powell River Access at Buchanan Ford

Yeary Road meets Powell River

River Mile: 99 Right

Latitude & Longitude: 36.55857, -83.42390

Parking: About 3 vehicles

Quality of Road Access:

Yeary Road is a one lane “gravel” road as it nears Buchanan Ford.

Trailer Turnaround: Possible, but tight. At high water, road may be submerged.

Ownership: Public (street right-of-way at river)

NOTE: At high river flows, turnaround may not be possible without backing up a few hundred yards. As of May 8,2021,  Yeary Road access to this site is closed for repairs.

Amenities: None

Overnight Camping: No

Bathrooms: No

Potable Water: No

Electricity: No

Groceries: No

Driving Directions: From Highway 25E in Tazewell, take Cedar Fork Road for 8.5 miles; continue straight onto Highway 63 for 2.8 miles; turn right on Yeary Road for 2.6 miles. Buchanan Ford Access is on your right as the road joins the river.

Nearest Upstream Public Access:

103L Mulberry Creek - 4 miles upstream

Nearest Downstream Public Access

95R Brooks Bridge, 4 miles downstream

Location of Buchanan Ford Access to the Powell River in Tennessee
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