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92 Left - Well Being Retreat Ctr (Private)

Photo of Powell River Access at Well Being Retreat Center

Concrete Steps to Powell River

at Well Being Retreat Center

Photo of Camping Shelters at Well Bein Retreat Center on he Powell River

Camping Shelters

at Well Being Retreat Center

River Mile: 92 Left

Ownership: Private, please make advance arrangements.


Contact Well Being Retreat Center

Latitude & Longitude: 36.54348, -83.46440

Parking: Large gravel parking area

Quality of Road Access:

One mile, one lane gravel County road (Narrows Road). Please drive slow as road goes through open pastures. Yield to any cattle present.

Trailer Turnaround: Lots of room.

Quality of River Access: Concrete steps to river.

Overnight Camping: Yes, by prior arrangement (licensed campground)

Bathrooms: Yes, men's and women's bathrooms with showers available by prior arrangements

Potable Water: Yes

Electricity: Yes 

Groceries: No

Driving Directions: From Highway 25E in Tazewell, take Cedar Fork Road for 8.1 miles; turn left onto Narrows Road, a one lane gravel road; continue straight on Narrows Road for one mile; bear right through the gate at the entry kiosk, continue along the river for about 1/2 mile; take your second right (the parking are is next to the silo). Please do not arrive without making confirmed arrangement at hours at least 24 hours in advance.

Road Direction Map to Well Being Retreat Center

Nearest Upstream Public Access:

95R Brooks Bridge - 3 miles upstream

Nearest Downstream Public Access

84L Lock Lane, 8 miles downstream

Location of Well Being Retreat Center Access to the Powell River in Tennessee
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