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Logo of the Powell River Blueway Trail

ECD Grant from State of Tennessee

In Spring of 2017, the a group of community leaders from Claiborne County met with representative of the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development to explore how Claiborne County might develop its resources for economic purposes to meet an identified need in the County. The ECD representative explained their Asset Enhancement Grant process which awarded up to $50,000 per County for an approved project.

The group identified the Powell River Blueway Trail project as the best use of such grant money if approved. In April 2017, the Powell River Blueway Trail Committee of the Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce prepared and submitted the grant application.

The ECD awarded this $50,000 to Claiborne County to be used for the following purposes during the period July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018.:

  • Provide Road Signage to public river access locations

  • Provide river mileage signs along the Powell River so boaters would know their location and the distance to the next take-out point

  • Create this Powell River Blueway Trail website!

  • Design and produce brochure and maps informing the public about the Powell River and how to access it

  • Improve the road to the Gap Creek access to the Powell River

  • Identify and obtain land rights to one new access on the river

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