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Powell River Kayak & Canoe Regatta
Saturday April 27, 2024

What to Bring to the Regatta

Regatta participants are responsible to supply all items needed to safely complete race; not limited to items listed below. You should expect to be out on the water anywhere from two to five hours depending on river flow and your paddling pace

US Coast Guard approved floatation device (life jacket)
Water shoes or sneakers (flip flops don't work at all on slippery rocks in fast moving water)

Water, mineral water, or sports drinks in insulated, easily opened water bottle(s)
Power bars, nut mixes, fruit
Sun block
Lip Balm
Quick drying clothing in layers
Rain jacket (if weather threatens)
Cell phone (for emergency purposes in waterproof container) - Note that cell service on the river is spotty
Paddle gloves
Tools necessary for minor boat repair
Bowline or Length of Rope
Personal first aid kit
Boat sponge


Race Course Map:
You will be provided with a laminated map of the Race Course with Mile Markers when you sign in on Race Day. The will be Mile Marker signs every mile so if you need assistance, you can describe where you are, i.e., “I just passed Mile Marker 84.”

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