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112 Right - Fugate Ford


Fugate Ford Looking Downstream

Driveway down to Fugate Ford.jpg

River Mile: RM 112 Right

Latitude & Longitude: 36.584411, -83.336087

Ownership: Public Easement

Quality of Road Access: River Road is a paved two-lane highway. A gravel driveway leads to a turnaround circle just above the put-in. You have to carry or drag the boat from the turnaround circle to the edge of water - about 75 yards

Parking: A circular turnaround leaves enough room to pull off to the side. OK for trailers.

Amenities: None

Overnight Camping: No

Bathrooms: No

Potable Water: No

Electricity: No

Groceries: No

Driving Directions: From Highway 25E in Tazewell, turn onto Cedar Fork Road (State Route 345) for 8.5 miles, turn right onto Highway 63 for 5 miles; at “T” intersection turn left onto Alanthus Hill Road across the bridge for 1.0 miles, turn right onto River Road for 5.2 miles, driveway is on the right.

Gravel Path Down to Fugate Ford Put-in

Nearest Upstream Location:

in Virginia

Nearest Downstream Access Point: 

103L Mulberry Creek, 9 miles downstream

112R Fugate Ford on Google Maps

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