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68 Right - Indian Creek

Photo of Steps at Powell River Preserve access

Construction of Steps down to Indian Creek

Photo of Parking Area at Powell River Preserve

River Mile: 68 Right

Ownership: Public

Latitude & Longitude: 36.55771, -83.60657

Parking: Gravel parking lot for about 5 vehicles. Do not go through gate.

Quality of Road Access:

Narrow, but decent, paved road (go slow, watch on turns)

Trailer Turnaround: OK for small trailer

Quality of River Access: New (in 2017) constructed steps all the way to river. Launch on Indian Creek and go under bridge 100 yards to the Powell River.

Amenities: None

Overnight Camping: No

Bathrooms: No

Comment: A public easement for this site was graciously donated by Dr. Agnes Vanderpool with construction completed with funds from the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development and volunteer labor from the Tennessee Dept of Forestry, The Nature Conservancy, Riverside Rentals, TWRA, and the Well Being Foundation.

Driving Directions: From Highway 25E between Tazewell and Harrogate, take Powell River Road for about 3 miles, turn left onto the gravel drive just before you cross the bridge over Indian Creek. 

Parking Area at Indian Creek

Road Map to Indian Creek Access onto Powell River in Tennessee

Nearest Upstream Public Access:

70R Powell River Preserve - 2 miles upstream

Nearest Downstream Public Access: 65R Highway 25E Bridge, 3 miles downstream

Location of Indian Creek access to the Powell River in Tennessee
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