RM50 – Earl’s Hollow

Picture of Earl's Hollow on Powell River Looking Downstream
Earl’s Hollow on Powell River Looking Downstream

River Mile: 50 Right
Latitude & Longitude: 36.496262, -83.705274
Ownership: Public
Seasonality: Year Round
Reservations Required: No
Quality of Road Access: Good
Parking: Plenty

Picture showing Plenty of Parking at Earl's Hollow
Plenty of Parking at Earl’s Hollow

Trailer Turnaround: Good
Amenities: Concrete Ramp into River
Overnight Camping: No
Bathrooms: No
Potable Water: No
Electricity: No
Groceries: No
Kayak Rentals Available: No
Driving Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 25E and Route 63 in Harrogate go Southwest on Route 63 for 5.6 miles; turn left onto Red Hill Circle for 0.8 miles; then continue on Red Hill Road for another 0.7 miles; bear left at the Red Hill Baptist Church onto Earl’s Hollow Road for 1.8 miles to the Earl’s Hollow Access.
Map for Earl's Hollow Access to the Powell River in Claiborne County, TN
Nearest Upstream Access Point: Gap Creek, 2 miles upstream
Nearest Downstream Access Point: Bunch Hollow, 8 miles downstream (long drive)
Nearest Downstream Access Point of Right side of river: Union County Boat Dock, 20 miles