RM 107 McDowell Shoal

Picture of River Road Pull-off at McDowell Shoal access onto the Powell River
River Road Pull-off at McDowell Shoal

River Mile: RM 107 Right
Latitude & Longitude: 36.577857, -83.366194
Ownership: Public
Quality of Road Access: River Road is a paved two-lane highway. The gravel sloping one-lane access from River Road is about 100 yards to the river.
Parking: On a large pull-off space on River Road
Trailer Turnaround: Yes, on the pull-off space on River Road; limited turnaround for a trailer down to the river

Picture of the McDowell Shoal kayak access next to the Powell River
McDowell Shoal Access next to the Powell River

Amenities: None
Overnight Camping: No
Bathrooms: No
Potable Water: No
Electricity: No
Groceries: No
Driving Directions: From Highway 25E in Tazewell, turn onto Cedar Fork Road (State Route 345) for 8.5 miles, turn right onto Highway 63 for 5 miles; at “T” intersection turn left onto Alanthus Hill Road across the bridge for 1.0 miles, turn right onto River Road for 2.0 miles, pull-off is on right.
Map to McDowell Shoal Access to the Powell River in Hncock County, TN

Nearest Upstream Location: None in Tennessee
Nearest Downstream Access Point: Mulberry Creek, 3 miles downstream