Powell River Access Locations

A picture of a paddler on the Powell River
Paddling on the Powell River in Claiborne County, TN

The Powell River in Northeast Tennessee has limited points of access, but there are some and this page lists what we know of, both public and private. The River Miles indicated are the same as on USGS maps and begin with “0” at the original confluence of the Clinch and Powell Rivers (which is now part of Norris Lake and located at the Anderson County Park and increase as you go further upriver. The Left and Right notation means which side of the river the facility is on when you are facing downstream.

RM 0       Left     Anderson County Park (Public) Map

RM 30     Right   Union County Boat Docks – Helm’s Ferry (Public) Map

RM 30     Left      Old Lead Mine Road Ferry (Public) Map

RM 42     Left       Bunch Hollow (Public) Map

RM 50     Right     Earl’s Hollow (Public) Map

RM 52     Left        Lonesome Valley Road (Public) Map

RM 65     Right      Highway 25E Bridge (Public) Map

RM 66     Left         Southern Belle Kayak Rentals (Private) Map

RM 70     Right       Powell River Preserve (Public) Map

RM 72     Right       Heavy’s Barbeque (Private) Map

RM 72     Right       Mountain Pass Campground (Private) Map

RM 80     Right       Riverside (kayak) Rentals (Private) Map

RM 92     Left          Well Being Retreat Center (Private) Map

RM 99     Right        Buchanan Ford (Public) Map

RM 104   Left          Mulberry Creek (Public) Map

RM 107   Right        McDowell Shoal (Public) Map